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How to solve the ‘Someone is Still Using this PC’ Error in Windows

If you’re turning off or restarting your PC, you may be met with the warning message “Someone else is still using this PC”. Mostlty, this notification will show when a few user accounts are created on a Windows system, and somebody has exchanged accounts instead of signing out. Nonetheless, some users have alerted that they encountered this message even when there is only one account on their machine. The alarm seems suspicious in this scenario since nothing can confirm that another user is utilizing the computer. This article will cover why the message coming that Someone else is still using this PC and how to fix this issue.

Lets Fix “Someone else is still using this PC in Windows” Issue

Although the warning intimating multiple logins does not always imply that somebody else has accessed your computer, sometimes it appears with no tangible source. Typically, this error results from incorrect user logins, but occasionally, it arises by itself. Fortunately, correcting it is effortless and does not demand in-depth troubleshooting skills. Microsoft suggests these remedies for Windows 11 and Windows 10 to eliminate the error message.

1. Remove Other Local Accounts on Your PC

While installing Windows, It may create multiple local accounts without your knowledge for tasks like setting up kiosk mode. It’s a good idea to check and delete any unnecessary accounts you don’t recognize.

  • To access the Network Places Wizard, open the Run dialog (Windows + R) and enter “netplwiz.” This tool helps you manage multiple user accounts on your system.
  • See if anyone else is listed in the “Users for this computer” area, as they may have access to “Administrators” group privileges.
  • Identify and delete any unnecessary user accounts, but remember that you cannot remove the account for the main administrator.
  • Use the Windows + L shortcut to check the lock-screen status. Secondary user accounts should not appear if they are removed from the User Accounts window of netplwiz.
  • Alternatively You can Also access the “Family options” from the System settings on your Windows device if you prefer.
  • Any user accounts not listed as the “Organizer” in “Family & other users” should be removed.

2. Sign Out of Other User Accounts

There is a chance that the error message warns that other accounts might lose their data if you sign out right now. If you have multiple user accounts on your PC, be sure to make sure no other work is currently open that needs saving.

If this scenario applies to you, it may be possible to sign out of other user accounts through the Start menu.

To do that, follow these steps:

  • On the left pane of the Start screen, click the icon for your user account.
  • Select Sign out from the menu.
  • Ensure all their work has been saved before signing in to any active accounts.

The message should now not appear when you turn off your PC.

3. Enable Secure Sign-In

As a security measure, Windows also offers a secure sign-in option that requires users to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on the lock screen in order to gain access to their desktop. In the beginning, it may feel tedious to use this shortcut, but you’ll never have to worry about malicious programs trying to replicate your login – it’s the most secure way to sign in to your device.

  • To open the User Accounts panel, open the Run dialog (Windows + R). Type “netplwiz”.
  • You will now have to enter a Ctrl+Alt+Delete procedure every time you log in. Check the “Advanced” tab and select “Secure sign-in.”
  • In addition to pressing and holding the power button and pressing the volume down button, you can also use Ctrl + Alt + Delete to unlock your PC.

4. Ensure that third-party antivirus is disabled

Third-party antivirus applications can cause problems with the operating system and cause the ‘Someone else is using this PC’ error.

A number of users reported that disabling their antivirus software fixed the problem, so we recommend giving it a try. In the future, you can consider using Windows Defender as well, as it does a decent job as well, if that works for you. You can try switching to more effective security software if that does the trick for you.

Please follow the steps below to temporarily disable your security program. The steps below apply to Avast antivirus, but may differ slightly for other programs.

  • Select the antivirus icon from the taskbar by right-clicking.
  • Head over to Shields control > Disable until the computer is restarted.
  • Shut down the computer once the antivirus has been disabled, and check if the issue has been resolved. If it persists, move on to the next method.

5. Make sure Windows Updates are being installed in the background

If Windows Updates are getting installed in the background, you may see this warning message when you shut down or sign off your system. If the update is getting installed, let Windows finish the installation. When you have done that, you can shut down your system. To check this, open Windows 11/10 Settings and go to the Windows Update page.

6. Check the Task Manager for incomplete tasks.

A computer with an unfinished task may show the error “someone else is still using this computer.” These tasks are usually queued printing tasks and must be resolved immediately. The Task Manager is the best way to approach error sources in Windows. If you still have traces of other users’ activities on your computer, they must be removed from the queue.

  • Use Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open Task Manager, then click “Users.”
  • You can end the tasks for other users if they are showing on your device. If only the Admin user’s tasks are showing, nothing needs to be done.
  • Click on the “Processes” tab to see any unfinished printing tasks. You can end them with a right-click, then shut down and restart your computer.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re still seeing the “Someone is still using this PC” error after trying all of the above methods, there may be an issue with your Microsoft account. You can contact Microsoft support for help resolving this issue. If You Found the solution then Follow Thinkmatrics to get updates to fix tech issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What Does It Mean That Someone Else Is Still Using This Pc?

Suppose someone else is still using this PC. In that case, it means that another person is actively accessing and utilizing the computer at the same time as you. This could be another person in the exact physical location as you or someone remotely accessing the computer over the internet. In either case, multiple people may interact with the computer and its resources simultaneously, which could lead to conflicts or issues with how the computer is being used. Communicating with the other person using the computer is essential to ensure that everyone can use it effectively and efficiently.

In Windows, is it safe to use local accounts?

Using local accounts in Windows is completely safe as long as they are on your own devices. In fact, using a local account is better in some ways than using a Microsoft, Gmail, or Skype account signed in during a restart. You will only receive sign-in error messages as an administrator if you forget to log off during a restart. Administrator accounts are frequently used by Windows users, making PCs more vulnerable.

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