Roku Smart TVs

Roku is Launching The New Roku smart TV’s

According to Roku, it is launching its own smart TVs, ranging from 24 inches to 65 inches.

This spring, the company will launch its new Smart TVs in the USA with HD and 4K resolutions.

In addition to Roku’s decades-long experience in streaming, as well as its successful Roku TV program, the new Roku-branded TVs combine Roku’s award-winning operating system with its deep expertise in hardware, providing consumers and Roku TV partners with more choice and innovation.

Streamers will love the new Roku Select and Plus Series TVs available in 11 sizes ranging from 24″ to 75″. Roku Voice Remotes will be included with all HD TVs, while Roku Voice Remote Pros will be included with all Plus Series TVs. Roku-branded TVs will feature a wireless soundbar, which makes home theater setup easy and wire-free for consumers. Additionally, all Roku-branded TV models will continue to offer fan favorite features including Find My Remote, Private Listening, and access to great content like live TV and sports.

The new Roku Smart TVs can be found over at Roku at the link below; pricing starts at $119 and goes up to $999.

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