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Successfully Resolve Your HP Printer 79 Service Error Problem!

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Are you experiencing the dreaded HP printer 79 service error? If so, you’re not alone. This error can be incredibly frustrating for users and presents a serious obstacle to productivity.

The HP printer 79 service error is an increasingly common problem that poses difficulty in using compatible HP printers and solutions are not widely known. This error occurs when the display reads “79 Service Error” or “79 Error” in the yellow triangle icon on the printer control panel. It disrupts printing operations and may even prevent printing at all until it is resolved correctly.

In this article, we will discuss the causes of HP printer 79 service errors. We will also discuss simple steps to troubleshoot them and ensure stable operation of your HP printer. With some time and attention, you should be able to identify what’s causing your problem and resolve it quickly. Before That You could also Check HP Printer Error E2 causes and solution.

79 service error: what does it mean?

There are two ways to see error 79 on your HP printer’s control panel:

  1. Error 79 turn off then on
  2. Error 79 service error turn off then on – meaning an incompatible DIMM was probably installed.

Cause of HP printer 79 error

The HP 79 service error is an indication that the printer needs to be serviced. This error will appear when something is wrong or out of order with the hardware, usually caused by issues such as a worn or broken part, insufficient paper loading, or a stuck printhead. The best solution for this issue is to call a certified technician and have it serviced.

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How do I fix error 79 on HP printer?

1. Switch the HP printer off and then back on.

  • Shut off the printer’s power.
  • Allow at least thirty seconds to pass.
  • Reactivate the power.
  • Let the printer initialize.

If your HP printer displays error 79, it is likely due to an internal firmware issue.

For optimal results, unplug the printer from its power surge protector, plug it directly into a wall socket, and then turn the power on again.

If your printer continues to display the Error 79 message, try turning it off and on again, as well as disconnecting any USB or network cables connected to it.

If the printer has returned to a ready state, confirm the version of its firmware and update it if a newer version is available.

To determine your printer’s firmware version, print a Configuration Report from the control panel or visit HP Support to check for the latest available version.

If the error 79 issue occurs again on your printer, attempt to identify if it is something within your own setup that could be causing it.

For a successful test print job, remove any pending print jobs from your computer and other devices connected to the printer.

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2. Reinstall the DIMM

Once again, remove and install the DIMM at 2.1.

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Next, remove the DIMM.
  • Ensure the DIMM is properly fitted into the printer by reinstalling it.
  • Activate the HP printer.

If the system has difficulty recognizing all installed memory.If the system is having difficulty recognizing all the memory that has been installed, then 2.2 requires either removal or replacement of the DIMM.

  • Remove any installed DIMMS
  • If it still isn’t producing high-quality prints. If your HP printer is still not creating accurate printouts, run a retest.
  • If the printing is satisfactory, install a compatible DIMM in your printer.

3. Reinstall the drivers

  • To access the Control Panel in Windows, type “Control” in the Search bar.
  • To uninstall a program and remove all HP printer-related software, select the option accordingly.
  • By right-clicking Start, you can open Device Manager.
  • To remove the HP device, navigate to Print queues and uninstall it.
  • Reboot your PC and allow the driver to install automatically.
  • Reinstalling HP software may solve the problem.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, the HP Printer 79 Service Error can be resolved by following the above methods. First, users should make sure that all their printer cables are properly connected and their drivers are up-to-date. If this does not work, then clearing the print spooler and removing any stuck jobs in the queue should fix the issue. If reinstalling or resetting the printer does not help in resolving this error code, then users need to contact a qualified technician. He or she can diagnose and troubleshoot any hardware or software related problems with the printer. Following these methods should help resolve this printer error, ensuring its efficient performance.

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