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Whoops! How to Fix Netflix Error Code UI3012 Instantly

Is Netflix having problems letting you stream movies and TV shows? You may see the error code UI3012. Why does this happen, and what can you do about it?

 Netflix’s streaming service offers many movies, TV shows, and documentaries to watch whenever you want. Even with all its features, errors can still pop up and ruin the user experience. One of those problems is the Netflix app error code UI3012, which stops any further streaming. 

 Don’t panic if you get Netflix error code UI3012 when streaming content on your device! Step-by-step instructions will help you figure out what’s causing it and how to fix it. We’ll also give you some tips on how to avoid this in the future.

Why does Netflix Error Code UI3012 happen?

When your network connection is down, Netflix Error Code UI3012 occurs. A poor Wi-Fi signal or something else might affect your internet connection. We also troubleshoot the Netflix Error Code 11800 You Can check if you are facing that error.

The following error messages may appear:

  1. Whoops, something went wrong.
  2. Unexpected error.
  3. There was an unexpected error. Try reloading the page.

Streaming devices, including Smart TVs and iOS/Android apps, occasionally display this error on a Mac or Windows PC.

How To Fix Netflix Error UI3012?

Here’s a guide to troubleshooting error code UI3012. Start with the easiest and most common solution and work your way down.

1. Make sure your network can play Netflix

Those on public networks:

Make sure Netflix is allowed on Wi-Fi in cafes, hotels, and schools.

Using private networks:

Ensure your connection is faster than Netflix’s recommended speeds, and contact your ISP.

If your connection is slow, you might not be able to use Netflix.

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2. Restart your internet.

During this step, you must turn off your computer and unplug all your home network equipment for 30 seconds. Then, plug them all back in individually.

  1. You should turn off your computer.
  2. Remove your modem and wireless router from power for 30 seconds.
  3. Once your modem is plugged in, please wait for the indicator lights to return to their normal state. Alternatively, if your router is separate from your modem, plug it in and wait for its indicator lights to return to normal.
  4. Restart your computer and try Netflix again.

3. Get a better Wi-Fi signal.

Here’s how to improve your Wi-Fi:

  • Get your router and device closer together. It’s much better if they’re in the same room.
  • Keep your router away from other wireless devices.
  • Make sure your router is in an open space. You’ll get better reception if you put it on a desk or shelf.

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4. Restore your default connection settings.

You’ll need to reset your device’s connection settings if you have changed them.

You can set these things:

  • Custom modem settings.
  • Set up a VPN or proxy service.
  • Set up your DNS.

Contact the device manufacturer if you need help.

Try Netflix again after you reset these settings.

5. Get in touch with your ISP.

Get help fixing a network connection issue from your internet service provider (ISP) if the steps don’t work.

Here’s what your ISP can do:

  • You might have an internet outage.
  • Troubleshoot router and modem issues.
  • You should restart or reset your network.

Tell your ISP these things:

  • You need to know if the problem only happens on one device or if it happens on other devices as well.
  • Whether you connect via Wi-Fi or cable.

When you’re done talking to your ISP:

  • You can test your Netflix connection directly via a web browser at
  • Make sure it’s fixed by playing Netflix again.

Final Thought:

It is not what you want to see on your display when you see the UI3012 error code, but it can be fixed quickly. We have suggested several fixes that you can use to solve your Netflix problem. Try them out for yourself and enjoy watching the latest movies and shows without interruptions or errors.

Please let us know if you have already tried some of these fixes. Please let us know what worked for you in the comments section below so we can learn from your experience.

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