Adobe Creative Cloud Error 205

How To Fix Adobe Creative Cloud Error 205 Quickly

If you’re receiving Adobe Creative Cloud Error 205, don’t worry; there are some simple solutions that should get your Adobe apps running without any issues. In this article we will discuss in detail what an error 205 is and how to fix it quickly using various methods.

Creating something with Adobe’s Creative Cloud products can be a great way to express your creativity, especially if you use the powerful suite of software options it provides. But what happens when you receive an error 205 while attempting to launch an Adobe program?

  Adobe Creative Cloud is one of the most used programs for editing and creating photos and videos on PCs, laptops and mobile devices. It has many different components, so errors can sometimes occur. Error 205 is one of the more common problems that users face when using this program.

Causes of Adobe Creative Cloud Error 205

Adobe Creative Cloud Error 205 usually occurs when software updates fail during the installation process. This error is caused by not having enough disk space, network or firewall issues that prevent the download from completing, corrupt files on the system, or a virus on the computer which is preventing the application from working properly.

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How to Fix Adobe Creative Cloud Error 205

The Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 and later apps store user and license information in the Windows Credential Manager and macOS Keychain.

Sometimes Adobe apps are unable to store your profile and licensing information in secure storage (Credential Manager in Windows and Keychain in macOS), and when you try to open an Adobe app, you might get the error code 205.

Depending on your operating system, try the following solutions.

For Windows:

If needed, try the following solutions one by one:


Sign out and sign in back to the Adobe app.


Run the following command:

To delete all credentials for “Adobe App,” type the following into the command prompt: cmdkey /list | findstr /c:”Adobe App” and then cmdkey /delete [followed by app name].

This will delete all saved Credential Manager data for Adobe applications.


Make sure you are running the Creative Cloud desktop app version 5.9 or higher.

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If needed, try the following solutions in sequence:


Log out of and then log back into the Adobe app.


  • Go to Keychain Access > login > Secure Notes.
  • Select the Keychain Access Search bar in the upper right.
  • Locate and remove the Keychain entries that start with Adobe App Info and Adobe App Prefetched Info.

You can also use the command prompt to remove your Keychain credentials by running this command:

The command to delete Adobe App Info and Adobe App Prefetched info from the security keychain is as  follows: security dump-keychain | grep -i “Adobe App Info


Make sure that you have the right privileges to use the Keychain Access. This will enable you to create a Secure Note in the login Keychain.


To use Keychain, you’ll need to know how to lock and unlock it.


Make sure that no rules have been put in place on your account which could prevent Keychain Access from working.


If you recently changed your user or keychain password, restart your system for the updates to take effect. To learn more about updating keychain passwords on a Mac, check out the corresponding page.

Some other Methods to Fix

Work through the steps in order, only progressing to the next if the previous did not work.

  1. Temporarily disable your antivirus software: To install the app, you need to temporarily turn off your antivirus. Check the documentation of your antivirus to learn how, then try to download the app again. Don’t forget to turn it back on when you’re done.
  1. Try to use a different Internet connection: If you have access to multiple networks, try utilizing an alternate connection and attempt to reinstall the app.
  1. Set up your software firewall: Software firewalls confine access to your computer. Some software firewalls notify you when a program makes an effort to get online. Other issues may be caused by the firewall’s set-up. If alerted, give the Creative Cloud desktop app permission to connect to the Internet. In case you are not warned, momentarily disable the software firewalls in order to find out if they are barring access to the web. Refer to your firewall software documentation for aid. Be informed of the optimal practices for setting up Windows Defender Firewall. Also, figure out how to configure a firewall in macOS. After configuring the software firewall, attempt installing the app again. Reminder: When you’re in an enterprise environment, contact your IT admin to configure your software firewall.
  1. Configuring your software firewall can help protect your computer by blocking access to certain programs. You may be prompted when a program attempts to access the Internet, or you could encounter errors due to incorrect configuration settings.
  1. Give the Creative Cloud desktop app permission to access the Internet if you receive a prompt.
  2. if you are not receiving a prompt, temporarily shut down your software firewalls to establish if they are obstructing Internet access. Consult the documentation for your firewall technology for direction. Familiarize yourself with the optimal practices for configuring Windows Defender Firewall. Additionally, understand how to configure a firewall on macOS.
  3. After setting up the software firewall, try installing your app again.
  4. For enterprise environments, it is important to contact your IT admin to set up your software firewall.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, the steps we discussed to fix Adobe Creative Cloud Error 205 are simple but effective. With the above steps implemented effectively, you should be able to quickly and easily resolve the Adobe Creative Cloud error 205. ThinkMatrics is always there for help you.

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