Google Pixel Buds Pro Review

Google Pixel Buds Pro Review: The Best TWS on the Market

At the Made by Google event, Google introduced several flagship devices. Along with some new additions to the Pixel family, there were also the Google Pixel Buds Pro wireless earbuds, which we will discuss in this review. With 11 mm speaker drivers and a Volume EQ feature, you can enjoy an improved listening experience. As well as sound reduction capabilities, there is also a transparency mode available for all users. Therefore read through this ultimate Pixel Buds Pro review to learn about additional innovative and up-to-date features that come hand-in-hand with these top-of-the-range TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earbuds.

Overview of the Design of Google Pixel Buds Pro

We’ll start by covering the physical features, such as construction quality and appearance. The earbuds and additional tips are packed in a small case with two tips, one already installed. We didn’t need to try the extra ones because the stock tip fits right. We weren’t bothered by build quality since the most recent Pixel Buds have a similar casing composed of average-level plastic. They’re small and can be easily carried in your pocket or bag.

Design of Google Pixel Buds Pro

We are grateful for the pairing button on the case, which allows it to pair with two devices simultaneously. This is an advantage that other high-quality true wireless speakers don’t have.

The Pixel Buds Pro case looks like a pebble with a secure fit. It also has an in-ear detection sensor, so they pause the music automatically when they’re taken out. This differs from most regular Pixel Buds, which are larger in size.

The crafting of these buttons is excellent. With them, you can manage various features that will be discussed in the future. The Buds Pro is a tad larger than others, meaning they cause greater difficulty when worn for a long period. We find wearing them for 40-45 minutes to be bearable before modifying their fit due to the strain on our ears.

The Pixel Buds Pro allows for a special feature that helps you select the perfect ear tip for quality sound and noise cancellation. To access this, swipe on your notifications panel, open Bluetooth settings, and click the Pixel Buds pro. Then, verify your ear tip seal under the settings.

Plug in your earbuds and hit Start; it will play a song to Conduct the test. Following the tryout, you’ll be notified if you have to switch up your ear tips or if you have attained a secure fit that provides perfect noise cancellation. ANC mode can be activated from your phone or by pressing and holding Buds Pro. Transparency mode catches all of the sounds around you, allowing you to hear them when wearing headphones; this useful feature also relieves the pressure that may build up in your ears.

A review of Google Pixel Buds Pro focusing on their performance.

This Bluetooth range can be described as “reasonable” but not remarkable. If you are in one room, it functions without issue. No issues were experienced when moving to the next room either. Nonetheless, when standing on the balcony – which is almost at the edge of the buds’ range – everything stopped working; this is an adequate range, albeit one of the better we have tested.

Google Pixel Buds Pro Focusing On Their Performance

The Pixel Buds Pro has been tested and works with many phones, like the Pixel 7 Pro. Android users can download the software from Google Play store.

The touch controls provided a convenient way to play, pause, and control simple functions. Another helpful feature is the ability to boost or reduce the volume with a gesture; this was especially impressive given that you don’t even need your phone when wearing these earbuds.

The left earbud can also be tailored to suit your needs. For example, you may set active noise cancellation or opt for transparency mode. You can customize it using the app to meet your specific needs. As for audio features, the app does include a volume equalizer that slightly enhances the sound quality.

The Pixel Buds Pro offers a notable upgrade, including active noise cancellation (ANC). We tested ANC extensively and found that it effectively muffles distracting outside noises for a more immersive listening experience; however, very loud noises may still be heard faintly.

During calls, the microphone was outstanding. The other person could hear us perfectly, and there weren’t any complaints about background noise being an issue. It is also satisfactory, too, and it slightly Cancels out outside sound.

It’s easy to connect your Pixel Buds Pro to multiple devices–like phones, another phone, or your laptop. When you open the lid of the buds a

Should you misplace one of your Pixel Buds Pro, there are two ways to locate them. To start, you can search for the ‘Find Device’ option under app settings – in case they are nearby and still connected to your phone. Upon selecting this, you can ring the left bud, right bud, or both. As you seek them out, the volume increases with each passing moment.

If your Pixel Buds Pro is not connected to your phone anymore, you can still locate them by opening the Google Find My Device app, choosing your Buds, and viewing the time and location of their recent connection to the device. That’s how it works!

Describing the sound quality as wide and inescapable, it was remarkable but could have been slightly better. With the volume eq turned off, these nevertheless magnify the bass, a setting that most people would appreciate. Consequently, the bass is remarkable. The vocals are also amazingly crafted and distinct. As for treble tones, given their cost range, we considered the default sound signature to be disappointing.

The EQ boosting boosts high tones, which makes the sound better, but it also amplifies the bass, which is already higher than average. Therefore, it may be a dilemma for some.

The Google Pixel Buds Pro has a 7-hour battery life when using ANC and 11 hours if you turn it off. This is much better than your typical 5-hour premium TWS battery life. We’re very pleased with this.


We found zero difficulties when using the item daily, including viewing smartphone films. The case consists of a wireless charging adapter plus two USB charging ports. Besides great sound, the TWS’s strongest advantage is that you can adjust the volume easily with a slide. Such functionality ought to come standard with all premium TWS models because it truly shone through. It is also notable for its capability to be tailored. Despite this fact, the ANC was satisfactory but nothing amazing.

The battery life of this product is superb compared to others in its category, providing good bass when listening to music. At this price point, it’s also rare to have the ability to connect two devices simultaneously.

Benefits of activating Google Pixel Buds Pro

  • #Comfortable
  • #Long Battery life· 
  • #Good Sound
  • #Can adjust volume
  • #Allows customization
  • #Good bass

What are the disadvantages of Google Pixel Buds Pro?

  • *lacking proper equalizer adjustments
  • *non-customization of ANC
  • *Compatible only with Android devices.

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