Apple MicroLED Display

Apple may introduce its own MicroLED screens as an innovative feature.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple is allegedly creating its MicroLED displays for future iPhones and Apple Watches. The project has been developing for five years and could be available in devices as soon as 2024.

Even though Apple gets some of its displays from third-party vendors, they cater these parts to their desired style and standards. For instance, the OLED screens used in the iPhone 14s come from Samsung, LG, and BOE according to Gurman’s report.

Apple is now creating chip designs for laptops and desktops to replace Intel, offering significant speed and battery life improvements. TSMC handles the production duties, while Apple controls the design.
According to the report, Apple might ship its MicroLED screens in their Apple Watch as soon as 2024, replacing their current OLED displays. It’s an ambitious
In 2018, Bloomberg reported that Apple was developing a display for its Watch. Additionally, Apple had acquired LuxView, a microLED enterprise in 2014. Furthermore, there have been speculations the company was perfecting ultra-thin micro OLED and MicroLED screens for their AR headset.

Apple is following the same approach for its chips, beginning small but with the potential for expansion.
Apple’s plan to introduce its display technology is to start with the Watch and slowly move up to bigger projects like the iPhone. According to Bloomberg, it may take several years before their displays are ready for the iPhone.
According to Gurman and display expert Ross Young, adding MicroLED to the Apple Watch may take an extra year and be available in 2025 instead of 2024.

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